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Tanner's Artisan Seasoning Blends

Delicious, convenient, healthy artisanal seasoning blends. I don't add any Salt. You're not paying for Salt, You are getting Pure Flavor. If there is an ingredient you are allergic to or can't have, let me know. Each blend is made to order and I would be happy to omit or substitute something to fit your Dietary needs.

                      ~ Tanner

All blends available in 4 sizes:

Grande jar

Regular jar

Grande bag

Regular bag

Available Flavors:

Amazin' Asian Seasoning

All the best flavors from the continent -  Sesame, Mustard, Ginger and Wasabi. Add to the aromatics a little Asian chile blend for a Kung Fu kick!

Aphrodite's Awesome Greek Seasoning

Flavor as deep as the Mediterranean Sea.  Classic Greek herbs such as mint, dill, and oregano mixed with a few surprise spices and a little heat.  Grab the ouzo and say Opa!  But don't break your dishes.

Japeman's Jumpin' Jerk Seasoning

Floral, fragrant, and sweet notes from Allspice, clove, and ginger highlight the rich aroma mixed with a hot and spicy blend of fresh ground chiles.  You can hear the steel drums sing as the gentle waves lap the shore.  Take your taste buds on a Caribbean flavor cruise. You'll be saying 'Jamaican Me Hungry, Mon!' 

Mambo Italiano Seasoning

Garlicky, herby and some sassy spice.  This blend will have you saying 'Fu-Ged-About-it' to store-bought packets!

Maxican Mexican Seasoning

You know you love it.  Fresh ground cumin, hand crafted chile powder and just the right amount of heat.  You'll say 'hey, it's nacho taco - it's mine!'

T-GOES  - Tanner's Great  On Everything Seasoning

T-GOES is a surprising blend of herbs and spices, and a few little Tanner twists that are a delight for your tongue.  Use it on everything from beef, fish, chicken, eggs, bacon, salads, and more!  Fantastic on hot buttered popcorn too!  T-GOES will make your tummy say 'Yummy!'

  Totally Stoked Seafood Seasoning

Herbacious and Citrusy with a touch of Crisp White Wine.. Tanner's Totally Stoked Seafood Seasoning will have you surfing to the table and riding a mondo wave of flavor. Say BYE, BYE to bland Fish, It's a Whole New World of Flavor with Tanners Tasty Seasonings!  No added salt.

   Tanner's Tempting Creole Soul Seasoning

The Creole Soul is a Deep Flavor not overpowered by the Heat.  It will spice up anything from Seafood to Beef and is Fantastic for Blackening or for a Crab Boil. 

Laissez  les bons temps rouler!  Let the Good times Creole!

   Tanner's Tasty Spicy Garlic

A blend of fragrant garlic, pepper and select ground chiles that will wake up any dish!

 Tanner's Tasty Lemon Pepper

A citrusy blend of pepper and herbs.  Great with chicken or fish!

  Tanner's Tasty Garlic & Herb

A zesty blend of garlic and aromatic herbs to liven up your meals.  Mixed with butter it will make the perfect garlic bread

  ~New!~ Tanner's Say Cheese! *

A blend of flavor that will awaken popcorn, veggies, chicken and so much more with the delicious flavor of cheese!


(*not salt free)

  ~New!~ Orange You Glad

Citrusy, zesty orange perfection - great on chicken, seafood, salads and so much more!


  ~New!~ Buffalo Bleu Cheese*

Add the zingy, spicy, cheesy flavor of hot wings without all the mess to popcorn, chicken, veggies, mac & cheese and more!  Makes a delicious dip or spread when mixed with sour cream, cream cheese or mayo!  The possibilities are endless!

(*not salt free)

Tanner's Spice Grills


Live on Tour!

Wake up your grill, your smoker or your kitchen with these perfect grilling blends!

All blends available in 4 sizes:

Grande jar

Regular jar

Grande bag

Regular bag

  Tanner's Spicy Spice

Take it a little higher.  The devil may be in charge of fire, but Spicy Spice makes him nicer.  Just right

  Aurora Spice

Aurora - a nod to our Northern neighbors.  Montreal with a Tanner twist.  A complex flavor to season all of your meat, not just steak

  Magic Spice

Who doesn't want a little magic to surprise and delight?  Shock and awe never tasted so good.

  Smokey Spice

A little sultry smokey flavor that will make you say, 'Ahhh, that hits the spot!'

  Sweetie Spice

Hints of honey and molasses with a little kick.  Like a kiss from your sweetheart, the taste is love times two.

  Boozy Spice

A great night out on the town all dressed and ready to get down.  A shot to your taste buds. Sweet bourbon and smokey flavor without the hangover.

Tanner's Sweet Shoppe

sweetshoppe copy (1).png

9  blends of pure flavor that will wake up cookies, muffins, tea, coffee and more - without added sugar!

It's a Whole New World of Sweeter Flavor!

Tanner's Sweet & Spicy Mustard

mustard (1).jpg

Mustard made better

Mustard brought to life

Mustard done Tanner style

Sweet and spicy.  A blend of 3 different seeds, white wine, local organic honey, and mellow white balsamic.

The whole grains create a zesty flavor and texture addition to any sandwich or a new depth of flavor to sauces.

This Mustard is Must-Have!


Tanner's Pawesome Pooch Treats

Peanut Butter Bacon Flavor

You say, "Why would a spice company sell dog treats?"

I say, "We love great tasting food and our furry friends need food loving too, so why not?"

Handmade peanut butter bacon treats that are healthy, delicious and will make your pooch's tail wag faster.

Branded Kitchen items

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